Teresa Crowninshield coats are conceived, designed, and hand-made entirely in the U.S.A. The Crowninshield design studio is located in Easthampton, MA in the Eastworks building, Suite 209, and our New York office is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The company was formed in 2002.

The Teresa Crowninshield collection is co-created by Teresa "Tess" Coburn and Gary Temple (a.k.a. "Temple").

Teresa Crowninshield Coburn began designing clothing in 1999 while living as an English teacher in China. Two years of concerted self-study and exploration of the local fabric markets enabled her to produce several unique designs which later became the basis for her first independent collection.

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Seeking to take her style and fit to the next level, Ms. Coburn (pictured above) began an apprenticeship under Master Pattern Engineer, Shirley Willett (now 82 years old) who started her career at 16 in the Boston garment industry. Under Ms. Willett’s tutelage (now in its 12th year), Ms. Coburn has painstakingly advanced her pattern engineering and design aesthetic through dedicated study of old-world techniques, learning to freely move from fabric draping to hand-drawn paper patterns, and then personally sewing each iteration of the prototype until perfecting the production pattern and the finished sample.

Over the last 10 years, Ms. Coburn deepened her collaboration with Gary Temple (a.k.a. "Temple") (Co-Creator, Creative Director).

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Mr. Temple, a musician and writer, specializes in discovering and developing Crowninshield's custom-dyed silks, specialty wools and cashmeres. In order to keep Crowninshield always moving forward, Mr. Temple goes abroad for 2-3 months a year searching for and developing new and innovative fabrics. He also oversees quality control and supply logistics, builds and maintains the website and does Crowninshield's graphic design, writing, and marketing.

Unlike other fashion companies, Teresa Crowninshield designs on a year-round schedule. This means we pay no attention to seasonal or emerging fashion trends and focus instead on creating the most compelling designs possible throughout the year. This we believe keeps the artist in harmony with the intuition and produces designs with lasting aesthetic value.

Teresa Crowninshield’s aesthetic is both classic and fashion-forward. We believe that an elegant well-fitting jacket can transform and even “make an outfit.”  We believe that skillful and sensitive pattern work is the key to unlocking the unique beauty of each woman’s figure.

Call our designer Tess for all your sizing, fit, and styling questions: 978-822-6287

Teresa Crowninshield coats are conceived, designed, and handmade in the U.S.A.