Lady Fox Triumph!

"Hi Tess and Gary,
Wow! ZA! Two coats arrived this afternoon for Alex and myself. They are both truly stunning. The cut, the fabrics, colors, craftsmanship and textures are so lovely. And the fit is superb as always.
Alex literally jumped for joy, a new convert. Thank you so very much!"-Sarah and Hans

Kate Jacket Triumph!

"Dear Tess and Gary,

My Kate Jacket arrived this afternoon, and I tried it on as soon as I got home from work. It fits perfectly and looks great! I have plans to wear it to a luncheon next week and the Maryland Hunt Cup steeplechase the following week. Thank you, thank you again! Very best wishes."-Greg W.

More Crowninshield Triumph!

We had another fabulous show at the Bethesda Row Arts Festival! Thanks to all the stylish ladies who made this possible...who keep making this possible! This is the 3rd time we've won Best in Category at this show. We feel honored:) We'll see you next year ladies!

Some of the things we've won over the years...and some design things on our minds...

Some of the things we've won over the years...and some design things on our minds...

Pink Moto Jacket Triumph!

A great customer of ours ordered a fabulous custom color version of our moto-style cashmere driving jacket. It had hot pink cashmere and hand-loomed black thai silk. After receiving it, she felt she needed a few tweaks to get the jacket up to top speed. We made those change and voila! Success. Thanks Whitney!

"Tess, I received your jacket a few days ago, just after my birthday (quite the gift!) and finally got around to trying it on. The alterations made such a difference - it’s a perfect fit!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to tweak it for me! I’m so happy with it and I can’t wait to wear it! Again, thank you SO much. Your work is flawless. Have a great rest of the summer and we hope to see you at Lyndhurst in the fall! Warmest regards, Whitney C."

Kate Jacket Alteration Triumph!

We got a lovely note today from a great customer. We made an adjustment in the belt height to suit her and the alteration worked out perfectly. Thanks for your kind words Ellen!

"I received my beautiful Kate jacket yesterday. It is as though it was made just for me. You moved the belt down perfectly.  And your kind note really made it special.  I'm saving up for the ivory coat that I tried on at the art fair and I hope to visit your store in the fall for a suit. 

Independent designers used to be for only the 1%. For the rest of us who love admire and cherish beautiful garments it is a dream come true to find you. Best regards, Ellen M"

Did You Get That Coat In New York?!

More Love for the Crown today! Today's letter comes from one of our newly minted and most avid customers, Julianne T. Julianne has been making a mad dash through our collection, purchasing somewhere around 10 pieces in the last couple months! Thanks Julianne!

"A lady saw me wearing the Cream Latte this weekend and said, 'That's gorgeous! Did you get it in New York?' I was happy to tell her that there's fabulous style right here in Massachusetts!"-Julianne T

Happy to hear you're feeling the Crown power! In case you haven't seen it, here's Tess introducing the Cream Latte.

Here Comes That Coat!

We got a lovely note today from a customer who bought 4 coats at one go! Actually this isn't unusual. Most people who buy one, buy MANY. It can be a little dangerous! The coat she's referring to in the letter is the Cream Latte. Thanks Karen!

"We bought 4 of your coats last fall in Bethesda. I wear the white one that just ties in the front with the black silk belt and people stop me all the time to compliment the coat. People who know me just smile and say, "Here comes that coat!" Very splashy…a real fashion statement. I tell everyone about you. Happy Spring! -Karen J."

Quadruple Triumph!! Outlaw, Sapphire Tails, Mint Julep and Northern Lights Win!

Julianne came to us through a friend's recommendation. She first bought the Sapphire Tails. She loved it so much she went on to buy the Outlaw, the Mint Julep and then at our last Secret Style Saturday (available to subscribers only), she bought the Northern Lights! To complement these she bought the Obie Sash's too. Thanks for supporting our work Julianne!

"Hello Tess, The two jackets arrived today and, per your usual standard, they're perfect. The 3:10 to Yuma is SO rich-looking and warm on this cold day. I didn't want to take it off. :-D  The Mint Julep is just gorgeous and will look wonderful for Easter with the other pieces (unless we get warm weather sooner than that ... hard to believe with a foot of snow bearing down on us!). I'll be looking forward to the rest of the order and the Northern Lights jacket, when it's ready. I'm more than happy to be a walking advertisement for your work! - Julianne T."

Camisole Love!

We got a lovely note today from a long time loyal customer. Mary Pat visited me in my show booth to try our Reversible-REVERSIBLE all silk camisole. She picked out her custom colors and made some custom fit changes. We went back to the studio, made those change and scored! So glad you love it. Thanks for your kind words Mary Pat!

"I got the gorgeous camisole in the perfect shade of blue and cream that looks so good on the skin.  I just wanted you know know how much I love it and that the color was exactly right.  It’s going to be the most worn piece in the closet I suspect.  Thank you for making the adjustments on it and getting it to me so fast.   I just love it." Best, Mary Pat"

Quadruple Triumph for the New Year!

Today we received a lovely note from a new-ish customer who has already gone pretty deep into our collection. Her enthusiasm is so refreshing and inspiring. Thanks Julianne!

"Hi Tess,

Today I received the Camisole, Obie, and Black Skirt. Everything fits perfectly and looks gorgeous! Also I can’t wait to wear the skirt with the Outlaw at Midnight jacket. Thank you again!! -Julianne T"

Sapphire Tails Triumph!

We received a great note today from a several-times returning customer who just bought a Sapphire Tails jacket for his lady. The results: total triumph.

"Hi Tess and Gary , Good evening . 
Just wanted to let you know we received the Sapphire Tails ... it's just simply gorgeous ! Annamaria absolutely loves it ! It fits really well too ....  Another awesome Crowninshield jacket for her ! Time to start working on the next one  ... I'll be in touch soon for the next order , it's tough to pick from so many great pieces . Thank you guys ! -Louis P.

Looking Good From Every Angle!

We received a lovely note today from a long time customer (and former Kickstarter supporter). She just wanted us to know how she feels when she wears a Crowninshield. Spoiler: she feels great!

"My Crowninshield jackets are my favorite go to pieces. I feel confident, beautiful, and stylish and always wear one for public speaking. I can move freely and I look great from all angles. These personal, hand tailored items are more beautiful than my Armani pieces, and much more personal. I love the hand of the fabric, the drape of the silk, the cut of the shoulders. Perfect.

Thank you for helping me be at ease in front of groups, and to look great at all times. -Lauren T"

David Sedaris and a Crowninshield Triumph!

And still MORE love for the Crown! Today a great customer of ours from Jackson Hole, Wyoming wrote us about introducing comedy writer David Sedaris on stage and then him noticing and praising her Crowninshield style:)

"Dear Tess,
Last night, I had the honor of introducing David Sedaris who was speaking at the Center for the Arts. In addition to being hysterically funny, he takes fashion rather seriously. As I left the stage, he commented to the audience that my clothes were beautifully tailored and fit me perfectly. I was wearing my sapphire tails, black jeans and shirt with the sapphire cummerbund. Afterwards, everyone was asking where I had bought my jacket.
Just thought you’d like to know…-Katharine C."

Double Gold Alteration Victory!

We had a long time customer request an alteration on her all-silk Double Gold jacket. We assessed the situation and decided to make three changes: 1) Release the bust darts 2) Raise the bust dart position 3) Raise the armhole. Everything went smoothly and the jacket came out great. Here is the letter we received today from our customer.

"Tess, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for altering my gold silk jacket.  It is absolutely perfect. It was delivered to my door this morning before I left for work and I'm wearing it.  I'm your walking billboard.  😀

PS. I dragged out my entire collection for a friend who was visiting this weekend. She's in love.  (I should add that she was looking for more fall colors--brown, camel, poppy red.  Just sayin')

Thank you, as always, for your talent, creativity, perfectionism, and everlasting personal attention to your clients.

-Donna M."

Triumph in Bethesda! The Crown Wins Once Again!

We had a fabulous show in Bethesda, MD last week at the Bethesda Row Arts Festival. Not only did we meet tons of stylish ladies and sell lots of coats to them, but we also won Best In Category! This is an award we had won in the past at the same show. Winning entitles us to free admission next year and our choice of booth location. Thanks to all the great Bethesda ladies who made it happen.

We have added our newest ribbon to the Wall of Triumph in our studio:)

Alteration Triumph for the Crowninshield Royale!!

We had a customer order a Crowninshield Royale a while back. After receiving it, she realized she'd need some changes to get the fit right. She sent us some photos so we could assess what to do. We decided to take the shoulders in at the sleeve head, then release across the shoulder blades and cut custom sleeves that were shorter and had more room at the biceps. The result? Total Triumph! Here is the letter Anne sent us:

"I received the new and improved Crowninshield Royale today. It is absolutely perfect! You truly have an amazing talent Tess. I will be back time and again, with many friends and family who hear my ravings about your work. Thank you Tess. -Anne B."

Custom Mint Julep Triumph!

A longtime customer ordered a Mint Julep during our last Secret Style Saturday. She needed custom sleeves and some slight tweaks to the fit, which we got just right! Here is her letter to us:

"Dear Tess and Gary,
The Mint Julep arrived today, and it's even more beautiful than I imagined! The sleeves are the perfect length, and you were so right about the size, Tess. Thank you so much for your beautiful designs -- I'm going to love wearing this one, as I do all your others :-)
All the best,

Custom Alteration Triumph!

More Crown Love today from a longtime customer! She had bought our gorgeous Royale overcoat (pictured below) and we did a free custom alteration for her, shortening the waistline and lengthening the hemline. This is something we do often for women with shorter waistlines. The alteration worked out great! Here is her letter to us today:

Hello Tess,
My coat arrived yesterday and, as I suspected, it’s gorgeous! Thanks so much for making those adjustments for me. Now I’ll actually be looking forward to some cold weather so I can wear it.
Thank you, thank you! -Kate H.

In-Studio Shopper's Triumph!

A great customer of ours came by the studio to get a full run-through. We had a good fashion show session and ultimately she picked the Silver Keystone with matching skirt. It looked fabulous. We're making a few alterations to get things just right, then we'll ship it out. Another studio triumph and lots of love. Thanks Diane for the feedback!