Returning Customer Discount


At Teresa Crowninshield, we believe loyalty should be rewarded. That’s why we offer a 20% discount to all returning customers, on all products, Forever. That right, it’s a lifetime discount once you buy one coat or jacket!

To get your returning customer discount code...

Call us anytime at 978-822-6287

Email us at:

Or click in the Blue Box below to Live Chat with us. You can actually complete your whole transaction within our secure and encrypted Live Chat module. We can take all your information right there and complete your transaction!

Question: Can I give my discount code to my sister or friends or church group so that they can all enjoy 20% off?

Answer: Yes, if you would like Crowninshield to go bankrupt. The only way we can offer such an amazing discount is if people make their first purchase at full price. We hope you’ll agree that one full price purchase followed by a lifetime 20% discount is a pretty exceptional deal.

Question: What if I come to one of your shows, can I get the 20% off discount then?

Answer: Yes. Anywhere, anytime you buy from us, you’ll get your discount.

Question: My friend really loves Crowninshield but doesn’t have the money, couldn't she just call and say she’s me so that she can get the 20% off? Or I could just buy it for her, right? You’d rather the coat be sold to someone than not at all, right?

Answer: We have advanced software that analyzes voice patterns for deception. We know who you are. If you somehow managed to evade our algorithm, you would only succeed in driving Crowninshield out of business, or force us to raise our overall prices by 20%, thus making our coats less affordable for people trying to buy their first coat. We’re hoping that the honor system, and the fierce scowl of artificial intelligence will help you do the right thing.

                                                                                    Be good, or no more pretty coats for you!

                                                                                   Be good, or no more pretty coats for you!