Tailoring By Tess!


"This was the best tailoring experience I've ever had! So many times I go to get an alteration and it's just not right. But Tess was so careful in listening and got my jacket and pants perfect!" -Justine B.

"I had so many suits that just weren't performing or fitting as they should. Tess worked with me to get the right fit and reclaim all the quality jackets in my closet. I look and feel great. Thanks Tess!" -John R

"I needed a rush job on a really tricky jacket and skirt combination. Tess did it while I waited and it was spot on! And then I bought 3 Crowninshield jackets! I had no idea high fashion lived in the Pioneer Valley. Thanks Tess!" -Ellen V.

Call Tess anytime for pricing questions or to make an appointment: 978-822-6287

We are located in the Eastworks Building, 116 Pleasant St., Suite 209, Easthampton, MA

Tess Coburn (pictured above) is a master pattern maker and seamtress with over 15 years experience. She is co-creator of the Teresa Crowninshield collection of elegant coats and jackets for women. The Crowninshield collection is conceived, designed, and sewn in our Easthampton, MA studio in the Eastworks building, Suite 209 (see map below). We design all our styles from scratch, starting with sketches and draping, and then, using only paper and pencil, we draft our oaktag patterns.

For alterations of any type and any degree of difficulty, give us a call or just come to our studio to talk it over. Browse our private label collection of coats, jackets, skirts, camisoles, and accessories while you wait!

Call Tess anytime to make an appointment: 978-822-6287

Email us at: teresacrowninshield@gmail.com   -or-

*Come to our studio at 116 Pleasant St., Suite 209, Easthampton, MA in the Eastworks building,

Tuesday-Thursday 10-4 pm (call us for after hours appointments)*

**Make an appointment for a Live Video Chat with this link!

Skype, Facetime, etc, choose the best time for you!

Exceptional alterations at Great rates!  Fast turnarounds And Rush Service available. 

**Hems - Waistbands - Seams - Sleeves - Pockets - Cuffs - Darts - Tuck - Fastenings - Necklines - Linings**